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PC Repair for all your technology needs...

PC Repair understand the needs of today’s technology user, with the market place being flooded with competition we know the importance of customer service. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business. We have the knowledge and skills to deliver quick, effective repairs & competitively priced computers, tablets, laptops and gadgets for sale.

Over 20 years experience in the technology industry, we pride ourselves on giving jargon free advice & ongoing support.

PC Repair aim to assist you in a hassle free technology future.

" Pop in for a chat advice is free "

Desktop/Laptop Format
Desktop Wipe/Format Hard Drive from £35.00
Wipe/Format Hard Drive from £40.00 (Includes Data Save)
We will Format and re-installation your hard drive and programs. This can give your PC a new lease of life.
Includes free Anti-Virus Program.
Desktop/Laptop M.O.T
We offer a full M.O.T on your Desktop/Laptop Computer, from health check on all your hardware,any software issues and Virus checks. We also clean the fans and dust out of your machine. £29.99
Upgrading your PC could improve graphics capability, sound quality or allow you to watch and record TV on your PC. If your PC is a few years old, an increase in memory will help speed things up. We price hardware competitively and always guarantee our work and any upgrade we do.
Upgrades Fitted
Laptop Screens Fitted From £15.00
Power Supply Fitted From £10.00
Ram Fitted From £5.00
Graphic Cards Fitted From £10.00
Additional Hard Drive From £10.00
DVD Writers From £5.00
All Prices above, if your upgrade Part is bought from us. If you have got the upgrade Part from elsewhere then please add £5.00 to the fitting Fee.
SOFTWARE UPGRADES AVAILABLE To find out more Tel 01254 238441
Home Installation
Home installation is our complete package, and this can be added to any of our services. We will come to your home and reinstall your PC, connect your internet/network, intstall Printers, Webcams, Scanners, Software for Peripheral Devices
UPGRADE. Upgrade £10.00 & Home Installation £19.99 Total £29.99
PC M.O.T.   PC MOT £30.00 & Home Installation £19.99 Total £49.99
PC FORMAT.  PC Format £40.00 & Home Installation £19.99 Total £59.99
NEW PC INSTALLATION. (If purchased from us) £19.99
NEW PC INSTALLATION. (If not purchased from us) £39.99
Home Visits
If you have just bought a new PC.  We can help, we can visit your home and get you up and running in no time.
Internet Connection Problems
Internet Installations
Home Network Creation
Printer & file Sharing
Home Visit. First Hour £25 then £15p/h
If you require tuition.. We can help
Tuition or Training can be done at our Premises (For Just £15.00 per Hour)

We stock and supply a wide range of computer and video game peripherals.

Cables Printers
Card Readers Speakers
Mice and Keyboards USB Docking Station
Miscellaneous USB Hard drive Enclosure
Monitors USB pen drive
Portable Hardrive USB Wireless N Adapter
Web Cameras  
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